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epayslip and payslip format

Our Payroll services include automated epayslip delivery to our customers. Each monthly epayslip is delivered via secure mail as agreed upon. Our online payroll calculator software has automatic payslip generator and German tax calculator which completes the epayslip for employees accurately and precisely with detailed information.

Our payroll services and epayslips are bound together tightly and transparently. As everything is automated you don’t need to question how to get epayslip or how to activate epayslip delivery, below you can see an epayslip format with the required fields and information for Germany. Epayslip differs for every country, it is important to know where and what information must be included in the employers epayslips.

Some epayslip formats will have more and some epayslip templates will have less information.

Less information on an epayslip generally means that it has the minimum required fields embedded and completed for compliance and the more information an epayslip may have is merely for easing the whole payroll and employment processes.

My payslip in Germany should be like:

Germany epayslip should contain as follows.

  • Epayslip start / end date (epayslip for the month)

  • type (#code) of job

  • Company / employer name who delivers/pays the epayslip

  • employee number

  • employee social security number

  • epayslip month

  • epayslip date

  • complete and detailed Holiday information

  • birth date of employee

  • date of hiring

  • employee tax identification number, tax class

  • health insurance information and deduction rate for epayslip

  • name / address of employee

  • bank details of employee

  • detailed information regarding work hours, salary/hour, bonuses, holidays …​

  • monthly epayslip calendar with daily overview for hours worked

  • total (Brutto) sum of monthly expenses, deductions, taxes, insurance, salary, …​

  • Netto income (salary) as per automatically calculated in epayslip

  • Total Yearly detailed information.

  • Brutto / Netto calculator.

The above selected payslip information may or may not be always present, but now you have a simple format which can guide you if you need to find any information within your epayslips.

For more information regarding epayslips in general or our employment and complete German payroll services feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you with our best of knowledge.

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