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Hiring employees in Germany
Hiring employee(s) in a foreign country and navigating the complex rules of local labor requirements, taxes, social security, health insurance & legislation can be risky without a professional helping you along the way.

Easy - Payroll Germany makes this process smooth, uncomplicated and risk-free for you.
If you are an international employer looking to hire an employee in Germany, contact us and our bi-lingual team will provide you with all the necessary information and support about foreign employer payroll. We reduce the complexities of payroll to one simple invoice per month. We do the heavy lifting for you.
If you already have a legal entity in Germany with employees and need help with the payroll, you have come to the right place. We also provide comprehensive payroll for companies wishing to outsource this activity.
We provide fast German payroll services and payslip delivery - in compliance with all local German laws thus protecting you and your employees against any risks or liabilities that may develop from an incorrectly set-up payroll.

Special Situations
Our all-inclusive payroll solutions for international as well as national businesses are characterized by our on-time delivery, fast and risk-free service as well as our solution-orientated thinking in regards to your particular situation. If you have a special situation or complications with an existing payroll contact us now.
We have solved many tricky situations.

Employer of Record Service
We also provide employer of record services via our staffing agency for local and foreign employers.

Local Service
If you already have a legal entity in Germany, we are happy to run your payroll for you, be that for one person or for hundreds. Get in touch with us and we will tell you about all the services we can provide for you.

International Service
We are not only competent in German payroll services but also in Payroll in many other countries such as Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, Portugal, USA and Mexico to name a few. If your expansion and payroll demands involve other countries, please contact us for further details.

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Payroll service, best German payroll provider for foreign employers

Our company makes sure your business is compliant with the German payroll requirements, even if you have no legal entity in Germany. We ensure that your employee pays the correct taxes, social security, health insurance and pension requirements. This allows us to deliver complete German payroll services to you and your employee at competitive flat rate prices. This frees up your time so you and your employee can
concentrate on your business goals in Germany while we handle the complex legal side of expanding a foreign or local business for you. Why are we the best Germany payroll solution?


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Germany is one of the most attractive choices in the world for your expansion and we will work out the best possible solution for your payroll needs as a foreign employer so that it is always risk-free, compliant and easy for you. Easy - Payroll Germany is open for business.


Set up your customized payroll solution

Foreign business registration and setup. We take care of all the requirements necessary to get you registered as a foreign employer in Germany (a "Virtual Company" an actual legal entity or whatever is needed) or we take over as the Employer of Record. You will receive the confirmation details and documentation of your official registration. Contact us regarding our >>>complete German payroll services.<<<


100% Compliant with the German tax and social security system. Legally registered business in Germany!

Start hiring employees in Germany to achieve your business goals. We completely manage the entire payroll in Germany, ensuring you are compliant with all the complex rules and regulations of the German tax and social security system. And living up to the German reputation, of course we are always on-time with your monthly e-payslip!

Our complete German payroll services include

Professional, fast and risk-free bi-lingual German payroll services for local and foreign business or individuals. We are the one-stop-shop for complete payroll services in Germany for foreign employers.

Fast company registration

Hire and/or fire employees as needed

On-time payroll

E-payslip via secure mail


At Easy-Payroll Germany our experts offer a complete German payroll service. We take care of everything necessary, from A as in accident insurance and through Z as in Zero Risk for you. By leaving your employee's payroll in our competent hands, you are able to focus on your company's expansion.
We have over 20 years of experience in international payroll processing. We are fully specialized in the German labor market, German Payroll regulations, foreign employer legislation, employment services, e-payslip and fast employment solutions. We also deliver all-inclusive payroll for various other countries across the globe - all with German precision and efficiency. Check our complete payroll solutions and get in touch with our specialists for payroll in Germany.

Compliance and EU GDPR data

The Data Protection Act, EU GDPR was implemented in EU law on 25 May 2018,
with the goal: "To protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy".
With this regulation, fines were greatly increased in the case of data breach with
an adverse effect on user privacy:
"Up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover, whichever is greater"

At Easy-Payroll Germany it goes without saying that we take great care to ensure the highest level of data protection for you and your employees so that you will always be compliant with these regulations.
With more than 20 years of experience, we always recommend professional handling to streamline the process and to be in compliance with all regulations and legislation. Head on over to our contact page to give us a call or make an appointment. We help you understand everything about our
complete German payroll services and answer any questions about the process in regard to you and your local or foreign business.

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